Visual Basic Simple

VB Simple develop wouldn't be possible without the help of a series of people.

I wanted write this page for means of gratefulness and respect towards such people, which some of them can be considered friends.

My biggest thanks are for members of the beautiful it.comp.lang.visual-basic newsgroup and for the even better Shared Website.

Everyday smart people like Aldo Sencio (Hal1961), Fabio Zanetta (Zanna), Andrea Palazzi (Pal), Hyperion, Ettore Maronese (il Mes), Moreno Sirri, Alessandro Gandini (*Asterix*), Roberto Piazzolla, Stefano Stracuzzi (Stracca), Marco Frazzoli and others, do all one can to help other programmers in difficult, without receive any reward.

From each all at least a time (but surely more than a single time) I learnt something new, enhancing my knowledge which I used to teach to others. The same spirit from which Open Source born can be found in a party of friends that often prefer spend their free time to help others.

They're the bore pillars of a newsgroup where hundreds of people take part whose general satisfaction degree is very high.

The same spirit of the newsgroup can be found on the IRC channels #VB, #VisualBasic and #ASP on the DalNet network. Between their joiners I want give thanks to KyeMan, Meekys, White-Dragon, Duncle007, CodeSlinger, ProgrammerJon, Clubbed, ^Stinky^, Whoops, bigAl, Kaverin and AllSystemGo.

The only true italian VB programming IRC channel is #it_lang_vb on the Azzurra network. To tell truth we don't use to chat strictly around VB but often we pull ourself's leg and we make fun of newsgroup related discussions.

Of the narrow party I want thank Gabriele Genta (Assa), Diego La Monica and Progz who succeeded to tolerate me although all my wickednesses.

A very special thanks to friends like P}{rizer (and his girlfriend Bad Fairy), MrPoed, RajaTheKing and Emas for their precious moral help.

Of the people who directly contributed to VB Simple development I want mainly thank Della Bianca Giuseppe (DBG) who carried out a fundamental role inside the group teaching me some rules which ones just now regulates websites's life.

Thanks to Marco Minerva for the search applet, Diego La Monica, DElyMyth and Gaetano D'Antonio (Paperino) for some Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 editions splash screens and Andrea Palazzi (Pal) per many useful programs so much to deserve a separated section on this website.

A particular thanks to Mauro Scaini too who challenged me asking to create a programming website inside which will be dealt arguments for everyone and all VB Simple group's members.

I greet and thank even those one who reported me errors on the website and gave me advices to enhance it: Hyperion and Katrame.

I don't want forget all those tens of programmers unkown to me who everyday send me gratefulness and satisfacting letters for the website, cause without them I'll never had enough motivations to continue.

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September 20th, 2001